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Why Gutload Your Prey Items?
Care Sheets - Diet & Supplimentation
Gut loading feeder insects is the best way to get usable vitamins to your chameleons.
Jackson’s chameleons are especially sensitive to excess amounts of synthetic vitamin A. When vitamins are used improperly, it may cause either an inferior amount of vitamins to your chameleons or vitamin toxicity, which can lead to gout or edema and even become fatal.
Dusting with dry vitamins is questionable, because beta carotene and other essential ingredients do not work well in a dust form. It is better to gut load these vitamins into the insect and then feed them to the chameleon? The beta carotene beadlet, in particular are so large due to the fat lipid which protects the viability of the  beta carotene (the vitamin A source) it is far too large to stick to any feeder prey item. Beta-carotene builds immunity and is a powerful antioxidant that improves immune function and promotes mucous membrane health. This helps reduce upper respiratory infections chameleons are prone to. In fact, dietary intake of beta carotene can enhance cell-mediated immune responses.

This type of gut loading ensures the insects are properly vitamin rich, and free of any toxins which may be used to grow the insects. Insects are grown often on items such as chicken mass, which when fed to crickets can have toxic levels of vitamin A for chameleons needing to be purged through the gutloading process, and replaced with healthy types and amounts of vitamins which the chameleon can use . I gut load my feeder insects with Sticky Tongue Farms Vit-All to provide vitamins and amino acids, and then I dust prey with Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-All to provide calcium and trace elements. I use the indoor formula for chameleons kept indoors and the outdoor formula for chameleons exposed to natural unblocked sunshine for more than 12 hours throughout the week.
Jackson’s chameleons are one of the most readily available chameleons in the market place today. They can easily be found in pet stores, and at expos. I prefer to be able to see a chameleon before purchase for a health check. However, Internet sales can be a safe and rewarding experience with a reputable dealer. These fascinating gentle mini dinosaurs are a good choice for any level of hobbyist.  Once a healthy chameleon is purchased, guidelines for housing and husbandry are followed, the biggest challenge any keeper will encounter is exposing this chameleon to unfiltered sunshine.  I cannot stress enough the importance of natural sunshine, especially for a live bearing species.  The joy and entertainment these animals can bring is ultimately worth the effort and research for setting them up properly from the beginning of your relationship.