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Q. How does Miner-All compare to similar products on the market today?
A. Due to our manufacturing process, both Miner-All indoor and Miner-All outdoor formulas are ground to a finer micron size than any other product on the market today. This allows for greater bioavalibility of the minerals and trace nutrients to the consuming animal. The finer powder also binds better to the feeder insects and is retained longer. Our calcium does not come from oyster shell flour as this can contain extremely heavy metal and other ocean based pollutant residues. We use only calcium carbonate from sources approved for human consumption in food items. Our calcium is derived from mined mineral deposits that are akin to what reptiles and amphibians find in nature. Most other products are concerned with the calcium to phosphorous balance and little else. Our products contain a natural form of phosphorous free calcium as well as other important minerals and trace minerals, that are essential to an animals well being. Minerals such as magnesium, which is important in the assimilation of calcium and the integrity  of cell and heart muscle functions.
Q. What is the difference between Miner-All indoor and Miner-All outdoor?
A. Miner-All indoor has been specially formulated for insect eating reptiles and amphibians kept indoors under artificial lights. It provides the correct amount of vitamin D-3 and magnesium for the proper absorption of calcium. Miner-All outdoor is formulated with no vitamin d-3 for herbivores and insect eating reptiles and amphibians kept outdoor exposed to natural unblocked sunshine for a time period exceeding 5 hours or more per week.  Vitamin d-3 is automatically manufactured by animals exposed to natural sunshine for extended periods and the addition of Vitamin d-3 in the diet is not necessary and could be harmful to these animals. Herbivores get their vitamin d-3 requirements form their vegetables matter.
Q. Why aren't vitamins included with the Miner-All products.
A. Vitamin d-3 is included in the Miner-All indoor formula, but no other vitamins are added. Nutritionists have learned that vitamins and minerals should not be mixed together in liquid or powder form. These nutrients degrade each other when combined. Normally vitamin companies pack vitamins and minerals separately or in conjunction with fillers that help separate them. Even with this precaution there is some degradation of components. We use a specially stabilized form of vitamin d-3 in our products which will remain nutritionally active for 3 years if stored correctly in a cool dry place.