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Linda J Davison, owner
Sticky Tongue Farms


We started our family owned business in 1992, and are very proud and grateful to be coming up on our 20th Anniversary in 2012. Sticky Tongue Farms is still going strong with myself and my daughter running the business together. Although I am widely, know for my success in chameleon breeding, I have worked with other reptiles and amphibians including Cyclura Nubila, Red Argentinian Tegus, Mali Uromastyx, Ornate Uromastyx, Kenyan Sand Boas, Blue Tongue Skinks, White Throat monitors, Frilled Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Uroplatus Phantasticus, Uroplatus Sikorae, Uroplatus fimbriatus, Knob Tailed geckos, Red Eared Sliders, Sulcata tortoises, California Desert Tortoises, Abronia, Waxy Monkey Tree frogs, Bearded Dragons, Fire Belly toads, Pac Man frogs, corn snakes, Crested geckos and Madagascar day geckos. I am the author of "Chameleons Their Care and Breeding" as well as the most published  contributing author (as of this writing) on the subject of chameleons for Reptiles Magazine since the early 1990's. My interest in reptiles started as early as elementary school growing up in Redondo Beach, California. My first actual report in school was on Sea turtles.I including drawings I made by tracing photographs of breeding and egg laying sea turtles out of the Encyclopedia and coloring them in. My older brothers raised feeder prey rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice for the Hermosa Reptile House which I visited often as a child. While married my husband brought home a chameleon one day, and the obsession...the "Chameleon Fever" set in and has yet to be cured! Since 1992 I have kept/bred 41 different species of chameleons, Brookesia supercilliaris, Brookseia paramata, Brookseia theili, F.antimina, F.labordi, F.lateralis lateralis, F.lateralis major, F.malthe, F.minor, C.oshaughnessyi, C.melleri. C.deremensis, C.cristatus, C.oweni, C.oustaleti, F.pardalis, (color morphs include Ambanja, Nosy be, Morensatra, Tamatave, Diego Suarez, Sambava), C.parsonii, F.verrucosus, Bradypodion thamnobates,    Bradypodion fischeri fischeri, Bradypodion fischeri multituberculatum, Bradypodion fischeri uluguruensis,
, Bradypodion pumillum, Bradypodion damaranum, Bradypodion pumillium transvalense, C.melleri, C.rudis, C.calyptratus, C.montium, C.quadricornus, C.fischerii multituberculatus, C.fulleborni, C.jacksonii merumontana, C.jacksonii xantholophus,  C.johnstoni, C.werneri, C.wiedersheimi, C.delepis, C.deremensis  , Rieppeleon brevicaudatus , Rhampholeon spectrum.

Sticky Tongue Farms was the first company to offer a calcium based supplement without vitamin D-3 for herbivores, carnivores and insect eaters kept outside. We were also the first company to guarantee deparasitized imported chameleons, as well as life time customer support of your animals. Which we continue to do today! I believe education and preparation are the key to any sucessful chameleon experience!

Happy Herping