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Sticky Tongue Farms has been involved in breeding and raising several species of old world chameleons, as well as dozens of other reptiles and amphibians since 1992.  Being on the cutting edge of chameleon husbandry and reptile nutrition from the beginning, Sticky Tongue Farms was the first company to offer deparasitized imported chameleons. This practice ensures a healthier start for any reptiles in captivity.                                                                           Brad breeding 15 4-21-2011_LG

We were also some of the first advocates of the "SHOWER METHOD" for watering chameleons, as well as full screen enclosures as opposed to a glass terrariums. When we started breeding reptiles, pet stores were still telling people to put ice cubes on the screen top of a chameleons TANK.

Brad Burt 4-21-2011

Through research and devlopment at our farm, we were the first company to offer a calcium supplement without vitamin D-3 for herbivores, carnivores and insect eating lizards kept outside.  When Vitamins are misused, reptiles and amphibians can contract D-3 toxicity which can create serious health issues. Gout, edema and medabolic bone disease are amoung the most serious of these issues. Vit-all was created to combate the over vitaminizing of  our animals. Science has proven the best was to offer synthetic vitamins to ALL reptiles and amphibians is through "Gut Loading" the prey item whenever possible. In conjunction with a high quality diet for your insetcs, mice etc. Vit-All is fed as a supplement. With the unique addition of water to our product, vitamins such as beta carotene are actually active and digestable for 24 hours.  Both Miner-All and Vit-All were developed out of necessity for our breeding farm, when supplements on the market did not give the results we wanted in our breeding projects. Our captive bred chameleons lacked the strong bones, skin texture, size and coloration of their wild caught counterparts we imported. After all these years, we still use our own products at Sticky Tongue Farms today. Since 1992, top breeders and zoological parks internationally using our products on a wide assortment of insectivorous and herbivorous species have reported back with superior results. Using Miner-All and Vit-All as instructed together provides complete dietary requirements for ALL reptiles and amphibians.